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    Dear Distinction Dog Gromming,

    I have been taking Travis to you for several years and on every occasion I have been greated by friendly helpful staff, Travis has been happy to be left in your care.
    On one occasion I had been stuck in traffic and knew I was going to be late to collect him so I telephoned you to let you know, and you said no problem, we will look after him and on my return I found out you had given him a walk as he had been in for a while which I thought was very considerate to his needs. This is real doggy care.

    If you have a Golden Retriever you will know that they just love to jump in muddy puddles and there have been more then a few occasions that I am ashamed to say i have dropped him off to you covered head to tail in matted mud and when I collect him he is just beautiful again, all nicely trimmed, soft and cuddly and the happiest dog ever, if he could smile I'm sure he'd have a big grin on his face.

    So to all the staff at Distinction Dog Groomers in Saltash I would like to say a great big thank you for all you exceptional care you have given Travis and im sure all the other dogs in your care, you really are fantastic at what you do. You go above and beyond to make our dogs happy.

    To anyone thinking about taking their dog to Distinction then please do, as it will put a smile on your dogs face too !! :-)

    Regards a very grateful muddy dog owner Donna xx

    By donnasymons12 at 16:09 on 24/09/12

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    As an owner of two dogs that have to be groomed every 6~8wks, it is lovely to have found a local professional groomers, where the staff are helpful and very friendly.II have never had cause to complain and my dogs are always well cared for and always have a lovely haircut. I always recommend Distinction to friends and family.

    A happy customer

    By ct1980 at 13:03 on 10/09/12

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    I was sorry to read the comment posted last November because my experience at Distinction has been totally positive. My Springer, Dolly, has been clipped regularly for some years, but when her regular groomer gave up the business, I took her to Distinction, and I've never looked back! Both Dolly and I were made very welcome and, from the very first clip, Dolly had never been groomed so well. In fact, I commented on this in a letter to Distinction that is displayed on their reception desk to this day. Just today Dolly was booked for grooming at 11 am, but when I called, requesting an earlier appointment, one was offered, and I was even allowed to drop Dolly off well before 9 am as I had another appointment at 9.05. As always, she has been clipped beautifully. I would recommend the grooming skills of the staff, and their dog-care skills. Dolly is an easy dog, but she is always at ease at Distinction, and I have never seen a dog who wasn't. In addition, the people skills of the staff are equally good – I have always received a friendly welcome, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this salon to anyone.

    By lyning at 18:14 on 01/02/12

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    Refused to wash my dog before they'd even met her, even though I reassured them that my 3 year old female Shar pei, who has grown up with 5 children around her, is placid and would never hurt a fly. She comes from a good background and is so sweet natured, yet because of a bad experience they once had with a local dog refused to see mine. :(

    I'd have understood if they wanted to meet her first but no they didn't even offer a consultation. BAD practice.

    By Goingback73 at 14:48 on 11/11/11

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