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Fore Street,
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Opening Times:

Mon 9-5pm
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Wed 9-1pm
Fri 9-5pm
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  • Film Processing
  • Framing
  • Bus pass passport photos
  • Portraits
  • Picture Frames
  • copy photographs

The Okehampton Photo Centre is a long established family run photographic business.

We offer a wide range of photographic goods and services. Our shop has the latest digital printing technology allowing us to print from all digital media - camera cards, discs, phones etc etc.

What is more we still have a facility to print from 35mm films, (in an hour if required!). We can print black and white and also from slide film. Films can also be saved to disc. We sell cameras, albums, frames, general photo accessories and gift items.

That's not all! We offer an enlargement service and can produce stunning canvas prints at most competitive rates.

That's still not all! Our art side, Picturesque, has a wide range of artist materials. Oil paints, watercolours, brushes, pads, boards, easels, pencils, poster paints .... the list goes on and on. Oh! Nearly forgot we have off the shelf traditional and gift frames, Airfix kits, modelling clay, face masks you can paint, gummed tape, calligraphy pens, inks, pencils and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sorry one more thing; we offer a bespoke framing service. Picturesque has a large selection of frame samples and mount colours. We can't be beaten on quality or price!

Thanks for reading this far - as a reward click on Vouchers to receive 10% off all bespoke framing and ready made frames.

We also have a photo studio on board, Cinnabar Photography. Which means we offer studio portrait sittings and wedding photography.

We take all size passport and visa photographs - that includes the 50mm x 50mm Indian visa!

With more than 25 years experience, our photographer, you know who I'm talking about, is up there with and acknowledged as the best of the best.

There is so much to tell ... come into the shop and I will reveal more.

If you've got this far then you deserve to know this; we offer a print from print service. Old photographs copied and restored and enlarged. Share your memories with family and friends.

That's enough for now. See you in the shop soon!



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