The farcical so called celtic cross

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By Saltashron | Monday, April 05, 2010, 15:19

 I feel I must say my piece regarding the so called Celtic cross,it's an excuse for a Celtic cross , I think that who ever is in charge of this abortion should have contacted Andrew Langdon Bard of the Cornish

Gorsedd he has studied the history of the Celtic cross and could have helped out with the details , the proposed plastic imitation is a let down to both Saltash and Cornwall ,  both Bodmin Town , Liskeard Town have modern but traditional material crosses , but Saltash Town the gate way to Cornwall has to make do with a very expensive piece of plastic,also the proposed site is not to my mind the correct one ,as instead of welcoming visitors to Cornwall it will be waving good bye to them as they leave the county ,I will be very interested to hear from anyone who has a view on this :




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    mhmitchell - well said. I agree with everything you've said! It's a shame it keeps getting put back, but I'm really looking forward to it arriving and being a new landmark for Saltash and Cornwall.

    By JamieQ1 at 21:47 on 22/01/13

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    Ah yes, the old "If you were Cornish" chestnut. I've lived here in Saltash over 20 years Ron; I think that makes my opinion relevant to this discussion, especially since you wanted to know what other people thought. But since my opinion doesn't tow the line with yours, please pardon my naivety for thinking you might actually be looking for an intelligent discussion when in fact all you wanted was someone else to whinge about the project with you?

    I'm perfectly aware of what a Celtic Cross looks like, as are the committees that approved the design and continue to do so and I stand by my belief that the cross will look fantastic when it is unveiled to the public. Since all you can do is cast aspersions and question the heritage of those who disagree with you, I'll not continue to take your rants seriously - especially when you can't even do me the courtesy of spelling my name right.

    By mhmitchell at 00:08 on 22/01/13

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    in reply to mhmitchel 21/01/13 if you were a Cornish man then you would know what a real Cornish Celtc Cross looks like and what it represents , I don't give a dam about what the logo in London cost , my complaint is about a so called piece of plastic(glass fibre) they are calling a celtic cross , it should have been made to the traditional design and made from Cornish granite , as are the rest of the Celtic Crosses , and regards as to where I would site it, I would site the Cross where Isambard Brunel statute is now , THE ENTRANCE TO CORNWALL: saltashron

    By Saltashron at 20:33 on 21/01/13

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    With respect Ron, I don't agree with anything you've said. I think the cross will look fantastic in a position that will be easily visible to traffic entering Cornwall, especially when floodlight. You're apt to criticise the location but where would you site it? Carkeel roundabout? Victoria Gardens? Waterside? Hardly gateway locations! And as far as the materials are concerned, the carbon composite will provide a strong but lightweight core that will be hidden by the gold, silver and tin plating, all of which metals are used as acknowledgement of Cornwall's mining heritage; so please explain to us exactly what we should be feeling insulted about? And so what if it cost £600K? Did you see how much money was blown on designing the London 2012 logo? At least this will make an attractive landmark.

    To be blunt I see attitudes like yours from the forum warriors on the Herald website, all of which are quick to slam anything attempting to promote or improve Plymouth. It would be much nicer if Saltash residents could be seen to be more optimistic and give projects like this a chance.

    By mhmitchell at 19:51 on 21/01/13

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    I've read in the Cornish Times Friday 18/01/2013 that the so called plasic celtic cross costing £600,000 will not fit its base ,town councillor Joe Ellison reckons itsonly a minor setback, I reckon it should be sent back , and a proper Cornish Granite Celtic Cross put on the base instead , to me the plastic abortion is an insult to the people of Cornwall, also I cannot believe that this so called celtic cross has a life span of only 35 years , bring back Trelawney : saltashron :

    By Saltashron at 15:13 on 20/01/13

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